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Kernelcon 2024 hardware hacking village notes/guides….

Meraki MR16 “bricked” access point –> Open Source OpenWRT

Outdoor Smartplug Flash/Hack – Wyze Plug! No Soldering using a BDM Soldering Frame

Smartplug Hack – Indoor Plug, No soldering! Beginner Friendly!

Kernelcon tmobile hotspot hack

Kernelcon homebrew lightstrip with WLED firmware

Kernelcon – Cryptomining 101 Lab

for IoT projects – use the Kernelcon-IoT network ssid.   Password is     hackspaceio

Hack it for free,  take it home for a fee:  You’re welcome to work through any projects for no cost.  If you’d like the take the completed project home with you, we ask that you cover our hardware costs for devices/solder/consumable parts please.   Find Matt or Jeff to make a purchase.

Meraki / OpenWRT Wireless AP: $15
tmobile hotspot: $20
indoor OR outdoor smartplug flash: $10
DIY lightstrip project: $15