let’s do this. Whatever ‘it’ is, let’s do it . build something? fix something? take something apart?… let’s do this

hackspace.io is a place for ideas, disassembly, reassembly, discussion, and above all else – facilitation

whatever “computer-like-thing” you have wanted to do… talk to us about it.
-learn to solder and do component work
-put a new battery in your phone because it’s been dying
-learn how to 3d-print
-remove BGA chips and root your amazon FireTV stick
-whatever other crazy stuff you haven’t done but have wanted to……

we are not going to do it for you, but we will do it WITH you. The goal here is to help you reach beyond your comfort zone to do crazy things you never thought you could do.

We have got a lot of work to do yet…but the goal is to have regular meetings (in person!) where we can all collaborate and use the tools and facilities we have for you.

– mv & jtodamfk