Kernelcon 2023

Kernelcon 2023 ( is done!

It was a mad rush finishing documentation/project guides but things (mostly) went off without a hitch.

Reminder that all guides for projects are here:  PROJECTS!

By far, the most popular project this year was the homebrew LED light strip — participants flash a microcontroller and then solder on a power connector and a connector for an addressable LED strip.  We 3D print cases for the project, and we brought a LOT.  Unfortunately, we ran out.   We told several participants that we were out of cases and that we couldn’t continue.  The “no” was not accepted.   We ended up using empty prescription bottles and stealing plastic breath mint cases from the vendor tables.  After drilling a few holes to match the holes in our 3D printed cases, we were able to use the same power connectors/grommets/everything.

If you have feedback or questions from any hardware guides or projects, please reach out.  Find us on Twitter or email matt at



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