Kids + snowday = #hackery

It snowed this past weekend. a lot. #snowday today. Thanks to @snapcircuits, my son (4 yrs) and daughter (5yrs) decided they would work on launching some indoor projectiles. After a discussion around batteries (more = better) the kiddos decided we needed to try to hit the ceiling fan. What followed was a lesson in parallel/series connections, and a general foundational belief that “more power is better.”

result: 4 battery packs got the job done. see below.

First attempt at ceiling fan assult…… close, but not quite…..

But…fear not…we didn’t have any more battery packs, but a discussion around “load” resulted in engineering committee’s removal of one of the motors/fans. Testing results seen below…

That “click” sound is the ceiling fan hitting the flying disc. #success : – )

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